The Bali Entrance (4)

‘Balin Zambali’ is a Christmas Sight to See

If there are any places where Christmas is a big deal, the Philippines is one of those. The Yuletide Season begins in the “-ber” months or September and ends in the celebration of the Three Kings, which is days after the New Year.

It is beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas everywhere. Festive lights, colorful lanterns are displayed in many houses, along the streets and other public places, and joyous carols are filling the air.

Fortunately, in Zambales, there are lots of wonderful places to see during the long Christmas Season.

The last time my friends and I passed by the Zambales Sports Complex, its main building, called Balin Zambali (not pronounced as Bali that of Indonesia), has been decorated with colorful and lively Christmas lights and being prepared for an upcoming regional sports event, which is either CLRAA or SCUAA.

The Balin at Night
The Balin Zambali (sometimes, Sambali) or “Zambales House” now glitters in the night after the Christmas lights were installed on its facade.

The sports complex is located right beside Zambales National High School. It has a stadium, a gymnasium (which houses the basketball court), a pool, tennis courts, track, a football field, and volleyball courts. The complex had been used in different local, regional and national events, and had been hosting regional athletics meets consecutively.

Its prominent building is its dormitory, Balin Zambali, which in local dialect means Zambales House (coarsely translated). The infrastructure has a front grass lawn, with palm trees and some plants, and outdoor chairs. It has a stone path leading to the main entrance of the building (I never get to see inside, but I’ll try next time). It has three main colors, following the Philippine flag’s palette — red white and blue.

The Balin Zambali at Sunset
My friends and I were lucky to see this at an earlier time. The lights are often activated at a later time when the sun is already down.

My aim, originally, was to post black and white photos (below) of the sports complex but after taking some, moved to Plan B, which is, really, no Plan B.

After seeing how the Balin looks like, I decided that it would be more fun taking the photos of the building first and present them in color, which you will see here.

I will be posting more about Christmas in Zambales soon.


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