What is Your New New Year’s Resolution?

Where do you start: looking back or moving forward?
Where do you start: looking back or moving forward?

As the clock ticks, it is just about few hours before this year ends and a new one commences. That is just the thing about beginnings – in order for something to start, something has to end.

Many people consider the end of the year as a time for merriment, for fireworks display, resounding music, drinking with friends and spending time with the family.  Preparations are made, plans and checklists are done, and many people spend a lot of money and time, even prior to, and for the celebration.

In fact, according to some experts, the New Year is a celebration that causes stress to many people.

As we were eating dinner today, my two-year old nephew sang “Happy Birthday.” It was amazing that he earned many praises for his little demonstration. While it caused us joy, New Year, to me, actually is similar in many ways to a birthday.

As the year ends, there are so many things to review and reflect on, including the things that have been achieved and the ones that had failed. Life in a year is like, in a capsule, a roller-coaster ride. It has ups and downs, it can be rickety and slows down and speeds up at some points. There are bends, there are tracks that crossed but really do not intersect and some that seem to lead to dead-ends.

Perhaps, there are many things you wished you could have achieved this year. There are should haves, could haves that and/or would haves that you might have missed and regret as the year comes to a close.

But should you count and focus mainly on those and not consider other things that may have made you a better person?

I quote the following from a friend after asking about his year:

“Hi, I think this year had been filled with everything. It was like a multi-genre movie. I think [or feel] that I have fallen in love. But then again, it broke my heart. It was painful and I am still picking up the bits and pieces of my heart until now.

“…I transferred to another company and landed to another department, which somehow fits the career that I always wanted. The job had been challenging. There were tough times, I felt that the compensation is not that satisfying, and I felt like giving up. However, I’ve had a wonderful time with my colleagues and learned so many things.

“…Though there were challenges this year, if I would list everything, this year could help me get through more challenging times. As I look back to how many times I think I failed and had been challenged by so many things, there were more learning opportunities if I look at it from a positive, objective point of view.”

As the roller-coaster ride goes on, so is the excitement and surprises that it can lead to. We grow older as a day, month or year turns anew.

Of course, not reaching your goals is disappointing, but there is no use on crying over spilled milk. Perhaps rethinking and setting more realizable goals are for you.  However, if you insist on reaching your almost-impossible-to-reach dreams, it may be better to start working harder, and being more focused.

As the New Year commences, it is better that we celebrate it not only for the sake of driving away bad luck or the temporary happiness at the moment but also let it be a celebration of life. There are many things to discover as we grow older. Hopefully all of us will grow wiser, we will learn from our mistakes and the pitfalls as we try to correct them and rise up again.


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