The “Pier” in Cabangan: A New Beach Lovers’ Destination

Biking at Cabangan? Why not try the “Pier”? Or if you are looking for a place to enjoy the sea and take photos, the place is surely worth visiting.

The post-Holiday season in Zambales means cold evenings and warm days although there are still chances for storms and rains. While the water is chilly and the winds can be strong, many people choose to spend time in the province not only because of its accessibility or affordability but also of its laid back charm and hospitable people.

Last year, I started this blog with many things in mind, one of which is to let other people know of the wonders of Zambales.  So far, after writing a few articles (which by far is less than once a month in average and I am thanking you right now for reading), I am back to feature Cabangan.

Cabangan is a town almost at the center of the province. It is a small municipality, which is (by bus) about an hour and 45 minutes away from Olongapo City and almost 45 minutes away from Iba, the capital of Zambales.

Similar to the other towns in Zambales, Cabangan is a destinationfor beach lovers. Resorts are only a few minutes away from the highway and amenities are good as well as affordable. However if you are on a tight budget, there are beach fronts open to the public.

The Dragonfly. A dragonfly rests on a rock during my visit and did not stir while the shot was taken, and surprisingly, at a very close distance.
The Dragonfly. A dragonfly rests on a rock during my visit and did not stir while the shot was taken, and surprisingly, at a very close distance.

One of the most frequented nowadays is the “Pier.” I am not really sure if it really is going to be a dock but that is how people refer to the place (it looks like one, though). It is a stretch of man-made land of boulders extended to the West Philippine Sea, which was formerly referred to as the South China Sea.

The place is a fishing area where the Tangway River meets the sea. Mounds of sand and piles of rocks are still in view although the trucks that used to operate in the area have long been gone.

On my recent trip there, I rode an old bicycle. At 10 am, the sun was already high and with no clouds, it was really hot. The tide was low, which exposed the river’s sandy bottom and the rocks as well as drift woods.

Although it was a very warm day, there were still fishermen, and some tourists from Tanay, Rizal who attended a wedding.

Because there was no place to put the bike, I lodged it in between the rocks on the pier and let it stood with the sea and the sky in the background. The bike does not have its own stand to support it so docking it or leaning it against something is the only way to have it in an upright position.

After doing so, I took a photo of it and had an idea. I went to the exposed river bed and started taking photos of the bicycle. From then on, I took other photos but I cannot decide whether to present the photos in color or in black and white.

(I posted  some in gray scale… What do you think? Is it better in color or gray scale?)

The only problem was, and other people should be cautious of, was there were some shattered glasses (more likely of broken bottles left there or thrown without caring about other people who might step on them). I stepped on two while taking a photo of the tunnels.

Other than that, the place is clean, the water is clear, the view is good and can be a perfect place for camping.

As I left for home, I came across with some surfers going to the “Pier”. It really is becoming a destination.


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