Hello, Stranger


Hello, Stranger

Our paths have crossed again.

It has been a while –

I’m wondering how you’ve been.



The day I first saw you,

You’re just a face in the crowd.

Now, you are the same stranger,

But you already have my heart.



Stranger, it seems you’ve never changed.

Your eyes are the same eyes that probe deep into my soul.

Then they were expressive

But now timid and unsure.



Your voice is the same voice

That spoke my name as if a song.

A harmony to my ears;

Your every gentle word.



Stranger, you said, “Hi,”

With the pain you conceal

Through your lively tone,

The pain speaks — I know how it feels.



Stranger, ill at ease we both are;

Our smiles are restrained,

And our eyes never meet the same.

Gone are those days, we see the sun in each other’s smile.



Sayonara, Stranger

I guess this is goodbye.

You are here but it feels we are afar,

Never imagined we’ll end in a cold, silent war.



Feels like we were back to our starting point.

We are two unnamed faces, strangers in the crowd.

I do not know how to say it but I wish you know;

I am silently yearning to see you one more time.




Blogger’s Note: I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to one of my new friends who allowed me to use his photos for this poem, Mr. Erdinç Kılıç. To know more about him and see more of his awesome photos, please visit his Instagram account: www.instagram.com/erdinckilic16/


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