Random Photos 2016 (1)

Being busy at work does not mean not getting the time to have a refresher. Work and work without enjoying the fruits of one’s labor is dull. Taking some time off from work and busy daily routines to breath and smell the roses is not wasting time — it is finding time to rejuvenate from all the stress and worries. It is seeking adventure. It is finding peace and happiness.

I am not a pro when it comes to taking photos but here are some of the photos I have taken so far.  I hope you will enjoy seeing the photos as much as I have taken them. Good day to all!

We found this colorful display in April, before the city’s celebration of their festival.
It was raining lightly during the time this photo was taken; hence, the droplets on the lens. The three-storey building on the right is an old movie house. This is in front of RMTU Main Campus’ entrance.
The best smile. Mango Festival features a street dancing competition each year.

Photographers here and there. This photo was also taken during Dinamulag Festival (Zambales Mango Festival). This is from Botolan’s street dancing entry.
Colorful, meaty and tasty — these are but a few words to describe the longganizas and shortganizas (both are sausages) in Baguio City Market.
The moon shines brightly in the night sky in Cabangan. This photo was taken in front of the municipal hall.
RMTU’s administrative building stands proud against a golden sky backdrop. The state university has seven campuses in Zambales. The Iba Campus (or the main campus) was established more than a century ago.
Devotees of the Lady of Manaoag light candles in hopes of their prayers to come true. This building is located behind the basilica.

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