Random Photos 2017 – Food from Zambales and Beyond

I cannot attest whether the stomach is the best way to a man’s heart or not. I believe that food is not only a basic human need, it nourishes, eases the discomfort caused by hunger – and stress (that is unhealthy though) – and brings people together.

Food in the Philippines is a fusion of different flavors and influences. I have foreign friends and acquaintances who find Filipino cuisine unique in some ways and how ingenious we are in preparing meals and snacks. We use vinegar in cooking, which is not common in other countries. We eat cashew leaves, bamboo shoots, balut, among others. Nevertheless, similar to other cultures in the world, we have food meant only to be eaten in certain occasions, we prepare food based on tradition and belief, and we have techniques that are passed on from one generation to the next.

Food is good. I love eating, and food is best enjoyed free of charge. I rarely eat outside and when I do, it is more likely because it is free, cheap or it really is that good, or when I am really, really hungry – I am used to my mother’s cooking and somehow, the taste of home food is a standard measure. I dine out with friends and family. I eat street food, so I am not that fastidious in what I eat; unless, of course, if you will let me eat something icky or what they call exotic. I am not a fan.

I am sharing some pictures of the food I have eaten so far, from Zambales and beyond, where I ate (or eat them) and some recommendations. I am not a critic, and my taste buds are not [yet] at par with anyone who has professional, discriminating taste.

Feast your eyes. These photos were taken using my Asus Zenfone Max.


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