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Random Photos 2017 – Food from Zambales and Beyond

I cannot attest whether the stomach is the best way to a man’s heart or not. I believe that food is not only a basic human need, it nourishes, eases the discomfort caused by hunger – and stress (that is unhealthy though) – and brings people together.

Food in the Philippines is a fusion of different flavors and influences. I have foreign friends and acquaintances who find Filipino cuisine unique in some ways and how ingenious we are in preparing meals and snacks. We use vinegar in cooking, which is not common in other countries. We eat cashew leaves, bamboo shoots, balut, among others. Nevertheless, similar to other cultures in the world, we have food meant only to be eaten in certain occasions, we prepare food based on tradition and belief, and we have techniques that are passed on from one generation to the next.

Food is good. I love eating, and food is best enjoyed free of charge. I rarely eat outside and when I do, it is more likely because it is free, cheap or it really is that good, or when I am really, really hungry – I am used to my mother’s cooking and somehow, the taste of home food is a standard measure. I dine out with friends and family. I eat street food, so I am not that fastidious in what I eat; unless, of course, if you will let me eat something icky or what they call exotic. I am not a fan.

I am sharing some pictures of the food I have eaten so far, from Zambales and beyond, where I ate (or eat them) and some recommendations. I am not a critic, and my taste buds are not [yet] at par with anyone who has professional, discriminating taste.

Feast your eyes. These photos were taken using my Asus Zenfone Max.


Random Photos 2016 – People

Pictures can certainly paint a thousand words. There are pictures that evoke us, to think, to leave us in awe and wonder and sometimes, to feel.

Pictures tell stories and preserve them.

I have not so much stories to share so I browsed through the files in my phone and found the photos I am sharing with you today.  I am not a professional but a person who likes taking photos.

For now, I have been using my phone’s camera, and I think that it did the job. These photos were taken using my Zenfone Max.

Random Photos 2016 (1)

Being busy at work does not mean not getting the time to have a refresher. Work and work without enjoying the fruits of one’s labor is dull. Taking some time off from work and busy daily routines to breath and smell the roses is not wasting time — it is finding time to rejuvenate from all the stress and worries. It is seeking adventure. It is finding peace and happiness.

I am not a pro when it comes to taking photos but here are some of the photos I have taken so far.  I hope you will enjoy seeing the photos as much as I have taken them. Good day to all!

We found this colorful display in April, before the city’s celebration of their festival.
It was raining lightly during the time this photo was taken; hence, the droplets on the lens. The three-storey building on the right is an old movie house. This is in front of RMTU Main Campus’ entrance.
The best smile. Mango Festival features a street dancing competition each year.

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A Beautiful Afternoon at RMTU Candelaria

Part of my work is to assist in the conduct of seminars, meetings and trainings. This gives me an opportunity to go places, learn, share ideas and be inspired of what I am going to write next. More than a month ago, we visited Ramon Magsaysay Technological University’s Candelaria Campus, formerly known as Candelaria School of Fisheries.

After the meeting, I had an opportunity to walk around the campus (the part that RMTU owns). It is small. There are asphalt stone paths as well as covered walkways leading to the key buildings. It is far from the town proper and took us about five minutes from the highway to the campus by car.

The Administration Building of RMTU Candelaria Campus.

The ambiance in the campus is backward. It has that provincial feel (the characteristic is colloquially referred to as “promdi” derived from the phrase “from the province”).

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When Bucao River dries up, it’s photo time

Hot, dry and dusty like a desert. This is what to expect when you plan on going to Bucao River during the summer season in Zambales. While the Mt. Pinatubo, Lady of Poonbato, ‘Domorokdok’ Festival and their beach resorts may be the most popular reasons to visit the town, you may want to consider checking out their waterfalls, try hiking, or visiting historic sites, such as their Catholic church.

Every day, I commute to work and one of the rivers I pass by is the Bucao River. Its bridge, one of the longest in Zambales, collapsed after a strong typhoon hit the province a few years ago, which, sadly, also destroyed roads, facilities and other infrastructures. Today, another bridge was built but a section of the old one is still standing, reminding the people of the devastation.

Now, back to the present, there are some things to remember when crossing the Bucao Bridge.

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The Endurance of Tacloban: Heart of the Philippines

Good day, everyone! Let’s start the year with this awesome article from Dalo 2013’s blog. The article is inspiring and the photos are great. I hope everyone will have a great read!

Global Sojourns Photography

Tacloban Philippines Save the Children Yolanda -35

Violent winds swirl the dark, ominous thunderclouds overhead. The pounding waves crash onto the rocky shore and the roar of the Pacific Ocean makes its intention clear: thrash anything in its path.

With electricity in the air, I am oblivious to everything except the power coming my way as rain beats against my face, sucking me into the depths of the storm.

Tacloban Philippines Save the Children Yolanda -33

Ever since I was young, the powerful forces of storms, especially on the Oregon Coast, have held a rare type of electricity for me.  Electricity that excites my soul and eliminates any trace of fear I may have.

Chasing the idea of becoming one with the storm.  Not just to see the power unravel in front of me, but to physically feel this rare electricity.

Tacloban Philippines Save the Children Yolanda -3

The past three days I’ve experienced a different type of feeling.

Walking along the Tacloban city coastline watching the sunrise, I am beginning…

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CLRAA Meet in Zambales is for Shoppers Too

The 2014 Central Luzon Regional Athletics Association Meet has already ended as of writing this article, however, it is pleasing to know that the province of Zambales, particularly in Iba, which was the venue of most of the contests, had once again hosted the sports event.

Although CLRAA Meet is all about friendly athletic competition and display of sportsmanship, the event also gave local businessmen and school districts an opportunity to participate in a bazaar. This year, many teachers contributed to the event not only as coaches but also as merchants and promoters of the local products found in each municipality in the province.

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Cabangan Christmas Tree Lighting Beckons More Than a Month-long Merry Christmas Celebration

In Zambales, many people look forward to the Yuletide season. The province is home to creative and resourceful people and throughout the year, these attributes are showcased in many occasions, such as Christmas and festivities.

Of the towns, Cabangan, Zambales is one of the places worth visiting during the Holidays. Many people are excited every first of December because it beckons the lighting of the gigantic Christmas tree in front of the municipal hall.

The activity has been done for a couple of years now and so many people are awestruck with the effort the town’s officials and folks are putting in to the display of lights and colors. Continue reading Cabangan Christmas Tree Lighting Beckons More Than a Month-long Merry Christmas Celebration