Random Photos 2016 – People

Pictures can certainly paint a thousand words. There are pictures that evoke us, to think, to leave us in awe and wonder and sometimes, to feel.

Pictures tell stories and preserve them.

I have not so much stories to share so I browsed through the files in my phone and found the photos I am sharing with you today.  I am not a professional but a person who likes taking photos.

For now, I have been using my phone’s camera, and I think that it did the job. These photos were taken using my Zenfone Max.


A Beautiful Afternoon at RMTU Candelaria

Part of my work is to assist in the conduct of seminars, meetings and trainings. This gives me an opportunity to go places, learn, share ideas and be inspired of what I am going to write next. More than a month ago, we visited Ramon Magsaysay Technological University’s Candelaria Campus, formerly known as Candelaria School of Fisheries.

After the meeting, I had an opportunity to walk around the campus (the part that RMTU owns). It is small. There are asphalt stone paths as well as covered walkways leading to the key buildings. It is far from the town proper and took us about five minutes from the highway to the campus by car.

The Administration Building of RMTU Candelaria Campus.

The ambiance in the campus is backward. It has that provincial feel (the characteristic is colloquially referred to as “promdi” derived from the phrase “from the province”).

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My Cabangan Journey Begins With A Single Step

Walking is one of the things I do to free my mind from the things that trouble me or whenever I feel the need to unwind, and scoop for inspiration. Often, I bring my phone or sometimes a camera in case I may find something interesting to shoot.

I am not a photographer, maybe a shutterbug for landscapes, architecture, installments, artworks, notes or anything that could resemble a still life feel – capture a moment that could paint a thousand words.

Zambales is one of those places that boast scenic places in the Philippines. Other than its beaches, the province is home to rich classic architecture and history, green countryside, and wonderful people – not to mention, good food.

Cabangan, one of the towns in Zambales, has that warm, cozy ambiance. Its laid back, rural feel charms both local and foreign tourists. Adding to its appeal are the beaches, and other sceneries that are worth every shot.

Take, for example, the Tangway River. Walking along the river’s bank is exhilarating. Biking is another option, especially during the morning.

As usual, I preferred to walk and I brought the camera with me and took some shots, which I gradually watermarked and added some with quotations about journey.

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